Relinquishment Form

We stay at capacity all year long and can only take in a few kittens or cats as space becomes available -
If you have adopted a cat from RescueCats, please fill out this form. DO NOT bring pets that you have adopted into PetSmart or Petco stores - You must arrange to return them by contacting:

You can search for local rescue groups at

This form is also known as "The Waiting List".

After your form is submitted it is kept on file, and we will only contact you if we can take your kitten or cat. This form is not a promise to take your cat.
If your contact information changes or if you are changing the amount that you are willing to contribute for the cats care after you submit the form, please contact us.

If we do contact you that your kitten or cat has been accepted into our organization, you have 24 hours to respond or your application will be removed from the system. We cannot hold space because it's not fair to other cats on the list.

It is very important that you attach photos to this form.

We are not a sanctuary, so we can only take healthy, outgoing kittens and cats that can be placed into indoor homes.

Our average cost per animal that we take in is $411, so that means that we need donations to offset the costs.

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If this is for a litter, just name the litter. Such as "The Fabulous Five", "Misty's Kittens", etc.\
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Indicate the date (approximately) that the cat or litter was born.
Cat's Breed or Description
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Describe primary colors or patterns.
Cat's Environment
Where does kitty spend his or her time?
Behavior Issues?
List any behavior issues that you have noticed.
Exposure to Dogs?
Does the cat behave well around dogs?
Exposure to Other Cats?
Does the cat behave well around other cats?
Litterbox Trained?
Does the cat use the litter-box on a regular basis?
What kind of litter?
Scratching Post?
Does the cat use a scratching post or pad?
Lap Cat?
Is this cat a "lap cat"? Does kitty love attention and petting but prefer to have his feet firm on the ground? Hate being picked up? Indicate this here.
What is the cat eating? Canned? Dry? What have you tried?
Photo 1 of Cat
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Photo 2 of Cat
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How long have you had this cat?
Why are you seeking to place this cat? *
Where/how did you originally obtain this cat?
If adopted from a shelter/rescue group, which one?
Donation for cat's care
RescueCats takes in cats and kittens from the public on a limited basis. Because we are a small, private shelter we can only take in new cats and kittens as we adopt others out. The average cost per kitten or cat is nearly $225.00. We will test, vaccinate, spay or neuter, microchip, and treat for worms, fleas, and more. This will ensure that the cat or kittens will not reproduce, adding to the pet overpopulation problem, and will be as healthy as possible before going home. *Senior Cats require more care, so we appreciate receiving a higher donation for their care. What donation are you prepared to make to help with the cost of care for this cat?
Veterinarian name, location and contact information
Spayed or Neutered?
Has the cat been spayed or neutered?
Spay/Neuter Date
Please indicate the date (approximately) that your cat was spayed or neutered.
Please indicate if the cat has been vaccinated.
Vaccination Date
Indicate the date (approximately) that the cat was vaccinated
FELV and FIV Testing?
Has the cat been tested for FELV and FIV?
FELV & FIV Testing Date
Indicate the date (approximately) that the cat was tested for FELV and FIV.
Health or Medical Issues?
List any health or medical issues for kitty.
Declawed on front paws?
Declawed on back paws?