If you have adopted a cat from RescueCats, please fill out the Relinquishment Form.

DO NOT bring pets that you have adopted into PetSmart or Petco stores or to their foster home - You must arrange to return them by contacting: rescuecats@hotmail.com and by filling out the Relinquishment Form. ALL veterinary records are required when we take your kitten, cat or dog.

Keep in mind that you are the cats owner and you are responsible for taking proper care of it. That means that you should plan ahead if you need to return your cat because we are normally full and space needs to be available for us to take your cat.

***Please note: this form is for all kittens and cats, stray or owned***

You can search for local rescue groups at www.spotsociety.org

After your form is submitted it is kept on file, and we will only contact you if we can take your kitten or cat. This form is not a promise to take your cat.

If your contact information changes or if you are changing the amount that you are willing to contribute for the cats care after you submit the form, please contact us.

If we do contact you that your kitten or cat has been accepted into our organization, you have 24 hours to respond or your application will be removed from the system. We cannot hold space because it's not fair to other cats on the list. You will be relinquishing the kitten(s) or cat(s) to us and they will be fostered within our organization.

It is very important that you forward photos to rescuecats@hotmail.com after submitting the form.

We are not a sanctuary, so we can only take healthy, outgoing kittens and cats that can be placed into indoor homes.

PLEASE COMPLETE ONE FORM FOR EACH NEW FOSTER CAT or one form for a litter of kittens.

If there is no information regarding shots or testing, do not list anything. Just write “n/a”. We will then know what still needs to be done.

If the cat had anything done prior to submitting the form, please list it on the form.

To get to the Reliquishment Form, please scroll down.

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Our Mission

RescueCats is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, state-licensed, no-kill group dedicated to rescuing owner released and homeless kittens and cats & placing them into new homes. To prevent pet overpopulation, we have all kittens and cats spayed or neutered, and we provide a safe and loving shelter until stable, loving homes can be found. We work very hard to be a role model for other groups and educate the public about the necessity of spaying and neutering and proper care of animals.