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Complete the RescueCats Online Adoption Application today to adopt your next kitten or cat from RescueCats. This adoption application does not put a hold a certain kitten or cat for you, but it does give you priority over other people who are interested in the same cat.

You must have an approved application and pay the adoption fee (in cash or by PayPal) for a cat to be held for you. If you are interested in adopting a cat on the adoption days at PETsMART and have already submitted an application, it is best to be there at the start time or slightly before, so that you can get the cat that you are most interested in. Please check the adoption fair schedule on the main page of the web site. The adoption fee is Cash or Credit Card - No Checks at the Adoption Fairs. You can pay for an adoption before the Adoption Fairs through PayPal. Be sure your application has been approved first.

The name of the cat(s) that I  want to adopt*
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Adoption Information
Have you ever adopted?*
Have you ever adopted a pet from an animal rescue group? Indicate if you've ever adopted a rescued pet before. If so, indicate if you've adopted from RescueCats before.
How did you find RescueCats?
How did you find out about RescueCats? This is optional but we're curious to know what our best advertising source is. Be specific... such as "" or "Google search on Maine coons" or "ABC Animal Clinic". Thanks!
Reason for adopting? *
Select the primary reason you are adopting a pet.
Kitten, adult or senior? *
Are you interested in adopting a kitten, adult or senior cat? Select the age-range of the cat you're most interested in adopting.
Important Characteristics?* Is an active cat
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Declawed front paws
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Friendly to strangers
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Sleeps in bed with you
Can be left alone
Long hair
Medium hair
Short hair
Extra large body size
Good with children
Good with dogs
Good with other cats
Likes to catch rodents
What characteristics are important to you when considering your new pet? Choose ALL of the characteristics listed that are important for your new pet to have. Choose one or many.
Breed, Color, Type?
Completely optional. Describe any details that are important to you when selecting a cat to adopt. Details can include color, breed, behavior characteristics, etc. Use this area to list any information not provided elsewhere that will help us help you find the kitty you've always wanted!
Personal Information
Phone 1*
Provide your primary contact phone number. RescueCats requires two phone numbers. You may include work, cell, pager or your spouse's contact number here.
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Provide your secondary contact phone number. RescueCats requires two phone numbers. You may include work, cell, pager or your spouse's contact number here.
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Please provide your home address.
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Personal Reference 1*
List the name, email address, phone number and street address of personal reference #1. If no email address is available, indicate this.
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List the name, email address, phone number and street address of personal reference #2. If no email address is available, indicate this.
Please provide the name of the company you work for and the position you hold. If you are a home-maker, indicate this.
Household Information
Rent or own?*
Indicate if you are renting or if you own your home. If you are a renter, indicate if you are required to provide a pet deposit.
How many years?*
Home alone?*
We're interested in knowing how long your pet is left alone at home. If you're away 10 hours/day for work then list this. If there's always someone at home with kitty then list this. This information will help us determine if the cat you select is suitable for your lifestyle.
Any restrictions? *
Indicate if there are any restrictions on the size or number of pets allowed in your home. Choose the option that best suits your situation.
Relocate with pets? *
If you relocate/move, would you make sure the landlord accepts pets in the home, if applicable?
Petsitting arrangements? *
Do you have arrangements for your cat when you go away on vacation, business trips or unplanned emergencies? List any plans or arrangements you have for pet care in the event of planned and unplanned excursions and emergencies.
Household Members? *
How many adults and children live in your household? Any toddlers at home? List children and their ages.
Responsible Owner?*
Who will be responsible for caring for this pet? Indicate whose responsibility the pet will be. The whole family? Children? Just you?
Financially Prepared? *
Pets will eventually need medical attention. Are you financially prepared to take care of vet bills?
Recent Pet Loss? * Yes :: Feline Leukemia or Respiratory Infection
Yes :: Unknown Cause
Has any pet died on your premises in the last 6 months of feline leukemia, respiratory infection or unknown causes?
Lifetime Commitment?* Yes    No   
Are you willing and prepared to dedicate up to 20 years or more to care for your new pet?
Other pets at home?
List all pets including reptiles, birds and mammals. Indicate if they live indoors or outside.
Relinquishment Justification? New baby in home
Marking or spraying problems
Not enough time for cat
Cat's health has declined
Onset of allergy to cats
Cat doesn't get along with other pets/people
No longer able to afford
Scratching or shedding problems
Move to new home
Cat won't use litter box
What circumstances, in your mind, justify giving up a cat? Please select all that apply.
IF none of these apply, please don't check any boxes.
Current Vet*
Name and phone number of your current vet. If you do not have a veterinarian, please indicate if you would like a recommendation.
Previous Vet
Vet Records
List name(s) that vet records would be found under. Include the first and last name of the person who paid for the visit, so that the records can be located by the vet.
General Questions?
Do you agree?*
Do you agree to NO PET GUARANTEE? If so, enter your initials. RescueCats makes NO guarantees about the kittens/cats health or temperament and will not pay for ANY vet expenses after adoption. By typing your initials in the box, you are agreeing to this term.
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