Rules and Fees

Many of the kitties that we rescue come from unknown backgrounds. We take them in and have them spayed or neutered, tested for FeLV/FIV, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas, microchipped and address any known issues before adoption. Once the kitties have been quarantined and closely monitored, they are placed for adoption. The adoption fee that we charge is a fraction of what it actually costs to care for the cat before adoption, because our costs are offset by donations. That is why rescue groups cannot guarantee the health of a cat; it would be cost prohibitive.

To help raise funds to care for kitties that need special care, sometimes the adoption fees are set higher on the popular breeds such as Siamese, Maine Coons and Persian mixes/pure breeds.

Charging a higher fee on some of the special breed kitties has enabled us to rescue more shelter kitties. Thanks to the people who are willing to pay more for the Persians, Siamese and other high demand kitties. You have saved your cat as well as many others!

What does the adoption fee include?

  • Spay or neuter
  • FeLV/FIV testing
  • RCPC vaccination(s)
  • Rabies vaccination (if old enough)
  • Deworming
  • Flea Treatment
  • Nails trimmed Ear mite treatment (if needed)
  • Microchip/Registration (most kittens and cats)  $10

Some cats may have been previously vaccinated for FeLV, FIV, Bordetella or FIP, or declawed.

What do I get for FREE with the adoption?

  • FREE Coupon for cat food in the coupon book from PetSmart $550 worth of savings.
  • FREE cat bed with blanket and toy, or emergency backpack (while supplies last)
  • FREE Cat Training Series DVD
  • FREE Cosmic Pet’s unique Hide, Perch & Go convertible house-carrier box for cats
  • FREE New adopter's goodie bag o'stuff!

Adoption Fees -Cash or Credit Card accepted- No Checks - If you use a Credit Card there is a 3% fee added to offset the fee charged to us by the credit card processing company

The adoption fee helps to pay for the spay/neuter, vaccinations, testing, flea treatment, other medical costs, vitamins, food (we use premium foods), cat litter, utilities, and much more. If you make a call to your local vet, it should convince you that our fee represents a fraction of what you would pay for the services and products on your own.

Records & Tags
All adopters are given record folders at the time of adoption and should be kept in a safe place. These folders contain dates for all veterinary work, microchip tags, Rabies tags, etc. Please note: If these folders are lost by the adopter, tags cannot be replaced and there is a $10.00 charge to e-mail or fax dates of vaccinations, test and spay or neuter information.

Microchip Identification
The microchip is the newest advance in loss recovery technology! This is a great bonus...You would pay at least 4-5 more for this at your vet's office. What is the chip? Developed by a veterinarian, the microchip is safe, permanent and takes only seconds to administer. Microchips are a relatively new development for cats and dogs. It is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted over the shoulders (under the skin) in a pet. Each microchip has it's own number - and if your pet is ever lost it can be scanned at a humane society, pound, or vet clinic.

Adopt a Senior Cat and Save
Senior cats (age seven and older) have a reduced adoption fee which is $5.00 for every year starting at the age of 7. Example: this means that the adoption fee on a 10 year old cat would be reduced by $20.00. This is an incentive to adopt an older cat but if you would like to donate more than the fee stated, it is fully tax deductible and always appreciated.

Want a wee little kitten?
If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a young kitten(s) under 6 weeks old, please fill out the adoption form, check the new kitten waiting list check-box & indicate any preferences, such as gender, markings, color & short/long hair. You will be notified when a possible match has been made. If you choose to wait to be notified of new kittens, please remember we will contact you by email. No calls, please. Please note: The kitten cannot leave foster care until it has been spayed or neutered, tested & vaccinated.

Adoption Rules
Adopters are required to fill out an adoption form and agree to the terms of adoption, which include: keep the kitten or cat as an inside pet only, unless you adopt a "barn cat", declaw as a last resort; obey county/city ordinances concerning animals (rabies shot, tags, etc.); provide proper veterinary care; arrange for proper pet care while away, if necessary; permit a representative from RescueCats to visit cat's new home; NEVER relinquish the cat to a "kill shelter"; NEVER abandon the cat; and contact if you need to give up the cat for any reason.

We will be happy to fax you a pre-adoption application or you can complete one online. Applications must be filled out before we allow foster home visits. Please call RescueCats at 678-817-9647 or Jerri at 404-304-9210 with questions about adoption.

We do not ship cats.